Have You Ever Felt Like This?

Look at this poor, sad, droopy, undernourished plant.

Have you ever felt like this?  I have.

I was so busy scurrying around for the holidays, and dealing with a few fairly big challenges, that I didn’t realize what was going on….until yesterday.  That’s when I happened to notice one of my plants (above) and I was almost embarrassed.  It  looked as though it was crying!!!!!  Begging for attention!!!!!  Could I have been so caught up in everything that was going on, that I neglected this plant that terribly?

This brings us to the question, “What are we neglecting in our lives?”  A plant is bad enough, but  what else?  How have I been eating?  Sleeping?  What about my relationships?  Tasks and duties?  The plant is a reflection that I was not on top of my game and starting to get rundown myself.   Once we start neglecting one area of our lives, it tends to effect other areas as well.  Am I heading towards becoming like that sad, droopy plant?

I immediately got a pitcher, filled it up, and watered that poor plant, apologizing to it as I did.  Then I realized I hadn’t been drinking enough water myself.  And, I had slipped a bit in staying in touch with my friends, returning phone calls.  I haven’t been writing in my journal. There were a few areas where I had strayed.   Hmmmmmm.

But, instead of kicking ourselves for what we haven’t done, let’s just recognize it  and rectify it and move on.  Let’s:

  •         Vow to pay better attention to the overwhelming forces in our lives
  •         Every day evaluate how well we’ve been taking care of ourselves
  •         Schedule time to nourish and rejuvenate

     Like my perky, revitalized plant?  What a little nourishing can do!

I’ve also decided Wednesday is “Watering the Plants Day.”  (I tend to remember things better with alliteration).  Though, maybe I’ll set an alarm on my phone just in case (smile).

Meantime, I’ve since pulled out my old water bottle and have started drinking more water.  Reached out to a few friends.  I even wrote in my journal.  And,   I promise myself I am going to pay MUCH better attention.   Whew!

For more Happiness Tips and more visit:  www.LaurenHudson.com


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