A Tight Spot

Have you ever found yourself in a real “Tight Spot?”

This was almost me!

        Walking towards my car today, I notice this orange car parked with its back end sticking out so much that I can’t imagine how in the world I’m supposed to get though this narrow space between that orange car on my right and another car on my left.  I was in a tight spot.  Actually, from where I sat in my car, there was no way I was going to make it through.

I back up, and then position my car between the vehicles on either side to see if I could possibly squeeze through.  But, it’s so tight; it looks like I would be trying to thread a needle.  In fact, I’m scared to even try because I don’t want to risk possibly scraping my car or theirs.

Then, I notice a shuttle bus has pulled up behind me.  Thanks.  I’m basically blocked in now.  The shuttle is just sitting there waiting for me to go. But, I’m not going through that tight spot.  I honk at the shuttle driver, signaling for him to back up, but he’s not budging.  So I roll down my window and ask him to please back up because there is no way I am going to make it.  I mean, can’t he see I’m in a jam here?!

This well-dressed gentleman with his uniform and cap gets out of the shuttle and walks towards the front of my car, assesses the situation and says, “Oh, you can make that. There’s plenty of room.”  I shake my head and tell him, “No way.  No way!  You’re just going to have to back up.”   But, he insists, “Trust me.  I’ll help guide you through.  You can do it.”

You know, when you get in a tight spot in life, even when it seems almost impossible that you will make it through, sometimes you just have to believe that maybe, just maybe you can make it.  You might not see it at the time.  In fact, it might seem almost impossible.  But, especially when you have someone there to guide you who might have a different vantage point than you, then maybe just maybe it’s worth a try.

I decide to go for it.  He’s guiding me like a jet taxiing to the gate on the airport tarmac.  He motions to me to go a little to the left, then a little to the right. “You’ve got.  You’re clear, come on through,” he says.  Now, this is sheer trust, cause I’m still not seeing it.  But, I inch through that narrow opening, ever so slowly, holding my breath and hoping, “Please, don’t let me hit these cars!”

Finally, Whew!  Much to my delight (and surprise), I make it!  The shuttle driver flashes a polite, but very confident “I told you so” grin.  I smile back gratefully, and I thank him as I drive away.

A few minutes later it dawns on me.  When we get into a tight spot in life, no matter what it is, perhaps  we can remember that there just might be another perspective, another vantage point to our situation.  And, even if it seems impossible, maybe we could make it.  And, it can make a difference if / when we have someone to help guide us through.

For more about being Successfully Happy visit:  www.LaurenHudson.com


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