How to Get Rid of Winter

Officially, it only comes to visit 3 months a year.  But, like a bad house guest, Winter often wears out its welcome pretty fast.  And, after one too many cold or snowy days, you find yourself asking this “guest,” how much longer??!!!!!

winter lady

Well, I’ve been working on a few ways to start getting rid of Winter, at least in my Mind!  And, they’re not just the typical tips:

1)  Create more color to your life.  Add brighter clothes; lips & nails; bedspreads and comforters; kitchen towels,etc.)

2)  Phase out wintertime comfort food; add more salads, fruits, and lighter fare.

3)  Fire up your passions.  Burn away winter blues, by intensifying projects that get you excited (even some resolutions).

4)  Begin that beach-ready workout, if you haven’t already.  Plus, exercise is an excellent mood-booster.

5)  Start planning for Summer, vacations and more.  (Why not?  Afterall, it’s never too soon for Summer!) On top of this, you might want to make sure you’re getting enough Sun, which researchers say can also help get rid of winter blues.

And, keep in mind one of my favorite quotes that holds true for many challenges in life:

no winter lasts

           “No Winter lasts forever; No Spring skips a turn.”

Lauren Hudson is a Motivational Speaker / Author / Personal Presentation Coach, known as “The Happiness Princess.”  For more, visit


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