Find Three Things

Life is all in the approach. If you are looking for HAPPINESS, you’ll likely find it; somewhere, some how.  And, probably more than you ever even expected.

This past weekend I went to The Dogwood Festival in Atlanta with my 7 year old, Brian.  Image

During the drive there, he wondered aloud, “What are we going to do?”  And though neither one of us had ever been to that particular festival, I explained “It’s a festival. There are going to be tents of artwork, food, music, games, and lots of people.”  Nevertheless, since he, like so many other young people, tends to find much of his fun in technology, as we were getting out of the car, his first instinct was to ask to bring his video game.  Instead, I had an idea.

I said to him, “While we walk around the festival, I challenge you to find at least three things that make you HAPPY.”  “Threeeeeeee things!!!!??” he asked. “Hmmm.  Okay.”  Brian loves a challenge. So, off we went to find some HAPPY.

In just the first few minutes, the challenge was complete.  He got a flag from the Canadian booth.  A paper lantern with his name on it from the Taiwanese booth.  Then, there was the bean bag toss (and he actually BEAT ME!)  And, it didn’t stop there.   He got to do a wax hand mold,,,,,,

brian wax hand

And another bean bag toss….brian toss

We found a wildlife exhibit…..

possumBy the time we were ready to go, he had found at least TEN things to be HAPPY about!

So, I challenge you to take the same challenge.  Each day, find at least three things that make you HAPPY.  And, I promise you, each day will be that much better.

Lauren Hudson is a Reporter, Speaker, Author, and Cancer Survivor, and is known as “The International Happiness Princess.”  For more, visit:



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