Change the Channel

The images of this week’s Boston Marathon Bombing are Horrible – Terrible – Awful – Hurtful –  Unimaginable.  It was a mean, awful, evil, cowardly, senseless act.  Yet, it seems we keep watching those pictures.  I understand.  I’ve been watching too.  But, there comes a time when enough is enough.  When our minds reach information overload

ImageAs a Reporter, I’ve spent more than half my life covering news.  And, I’ve witnessed some pretty horrific sites.  I understand wanting to know more; seeing the latest; being on top of the story.  Nevertheless, believe me, our minds can only take so much negativity without being effected.  For that reason, I say…CHANGE THE CHANNEL. At least, every once in a while.  It’s not necessary to stay glued to those pictures.  It’s not!


Yes, in a sense, we owe it to the victims to mourn them and remember them and honor them.  They experienced far worse than we ever would.  And yes, we must recognize the horribleness of this act. And, for those who were there, a terrible traumatic memory will linger forever in some form.

        However, we must reduce the terror in our minds as much as possible.  We are not obligated to stay glued to the pictures.  Let us not allow this horrible time to forever tarnish our innocence and steal our Happiness. To that, I say, Change the Channel.  CHANGE THE CHANNEL.

Let us keep our minds, hearts, spirits, strong to move forward.  TOGETHER.

Lauren Hudson is a Reporter, Speaker, Author, and Cancer Survivor, and is known as “The International Happiness Princess.”  For more, visit:


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