This Month is Different

Do you feel it?  Do you feel the excitement in the air?

hello march girl yellow flowers field
Yes, it might still be a tad nippy outside, but it’s March!  “Yeaaaaaaah!” (She screamed from way down in her toes as she kicked off her shoes and began doing The Happy Dance!).  The flowers and trees are beginning to burst with joy.  And soon, the warmth of this joy will overtake the chill in the breeze and the promise of Spring will envelop us all.  hello march lush pink trees envelopeSo let us be emboldened by the power of this promise.  Let us use it as an opportunity to create new beginnings in our own lives.  Believing with all of the hope and determination we can muster, let us tell ourselves:

   “This month is different.  This month is unlike any other.  This month is going down in the history books of months as a time of exciting, amazing, wonderfully marvelous transformation. Watch out world, here I come.”

Yes, it’s time to unleash the real you, the total, you, the best you ever.  And as we do, we will be Happy even more!  And that’s why we say, HELLO MARCH!
hello march car and pink trees

Lauren Hudson is known as “The International Happiness Princess.”  She is an award-winning Reporter, Speaker, Author, and Cancer Survivor.  For more, visit:



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