Adding WOW to Your Winter

There’s a saying that, “No Winter lasts forever and no Spring skips its turn.”


Well, Mark your calendars.  It’s closer than you think.  Winter will finally be over at exactly 7:02 A.M. (EDT) on March 20, 2013.  And then….SPRING FINALLY BEGINS.  And, as I’m sure you’ll agree, not a moment too soon.

Winter can be tough, can’t it?  The days are shorter and the weather’s colder and cabin fever is in full swing. If we don’t watch out we might develop the Winter blues;  mentally hibernating and going into what’s considered a darker time.  Unchecked, we could find ourselves eating more, socializing less, getting fussier, sadder, and even depressed.


So, here are 10 ways to Add WOW to your Winter:

BUY FRESH FLOWERS:  Bring the joy of Spring indoors.  A single flower can help put you in a warm weather mood.  You can even try a different type of flower each week.

WEAR YOUR FUN:  You know how we tend to wear brighter colors and more “fun” outfits in the Spring and Summer?  Why wait.  Make sure you’re incorporating yellows, and blues, greens, and other more exciting colors.

TRY SOMETHING NEW:  With many outdoor activities restricted, our fun can seem more limited.  Add some excitement to your days by taking a class, starting a hobby, or even rearranging some of the pictures in your home.  Come up with several activities to make the indoors more fun.

LOOK AHEAD:  Having something to look forward to always helps us get through the darker days of whatever kind.  Start planning something special for yourself in the not too far off future, like a vacation or maybe party fun.

LIGHTEN UP:  Don’t stay cooped up with your blues.  Go outside and get some sun, it will almost instantly brighten your mood.  You can also use a special indoor therapy light.  Studies show this can be especially helpful in combatting Seasonal Affect Disorder.

EAT FOR ENERGY:  We tend to eat more comfort foods in the winter. And not only does that add to weight gain, it also takes away from that healthy feeling.  So, eat more lean protein, veggies and fruits.  And reduce alcohol, sugar and high fats.

MOVE IT:  When it’s cold outside we stay indoors so much more and get much less exercise.  This is when it’s especially important to hit the gym or you can even exercise indoors.  It’s a can’t miss blues buster.

TREAT YOURSELF:  Get a massage, or facial.  Or, do it yourself.  It’s a great time for pampering.

CHAT IT UP:  Since we often socialize less in the winter, it’s important to still stay connected.  Call a friend or two.  Even a short talk can help since socializing is key to keeping away depression.

REACH OUT:  If your blues get real bad, reach out to a professional. Talk to a psychologist, psychiatrist, a social worker, or some other mental health expert.  Never give up hope.  Know there is always help, and that bad times do get better.  Remember, no winter lasts forever!

Lauren Hudson is a Reporter, Speaker, Author, and Cancer Survivor and is known as “The International Happiness Princess.”  For more, visit:


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