That Survivor Spirit

Sometimes we must remind ourselves just how strong we really are.  Getting ready to schedule my annual mammogram.  As a Breast Cancer Survivor, I take these extra seriously, though with an extra dose of hope.  Plus, it helps to remind myself that, come what may, I can take a licking and keep on ticking and so can you.  We all can, no matter what?  Right?   Because, we have that Spirit!  I just wrote this poem, below, as a friendly reminder to us all.

Strong survivor woman pnik shirt run live black woman hands up

That Survivor Spirit

We all have that Survivor Spirit!!!

That come-from-behind, come-what-may, come-back-kid kind of Spirit

Regardless of the circumstances

Our stance is strong

Rooted in the Yesterdays when our Souls were tested

And we proved our might.

A Mighty Force are you . . .is me . . .

Yes, a Mighty Force are We!!!


© lch 2013

Lauren Hudson is a Reporter, Speaker, and Author and is known as “The International Happiness Princess.”  For more, call 888.528.7365 or visit:

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