Have Screwdriver Will Travel

Think about all of the things we could be missing out on in life because we don’t see ourselves in that role.  Whether it’s a relationship, or a job, or any other opportunity.  We often shy away from doing things because we aren’t sure that we can.  Haven’t you done that before?screwdriver blog

I am now the proud owner of a Phillips Screwdriver.  You know, the one with criss-cross (sp?) slots? What happened was…….the wooden slide out “thing-a-ma-dingy” that holds my computer keyboard broke. My first thought:  “I’ve got to get somebody to fix this.” Instead of, “Oh, I can do it.”  Because, I didn’t see myself as a handy person; not as someone who could fix things.  But, then I got to thinking that I would have to spend the WHOLE DAY WAITING FOR SOMEONE ELSE to fix it and be totally inconvenienced all because I wasn’t willing to try to fix it myself.  And, that the only reason why I didn’t see myself as “handy” is ’cause I hadn’t tried to be “handy.”  Maybe, I was missing out on an untapped talent?

Well, I actually went to Home Depot and got my little 99 cents screwdriver and a small bag of screws.  Then, I pretended to know what I was doing.  One by one, my trusty screwdriver and I saved the day.  My keyboard slide out “thing-a-ma-dingy” is now fixed and my confidence is soaring!

new computer fixed

In fact, I’m about to go check on the rest of the “loose screws” around the house.  Need any work done?

Lauren Hudson is a Reporter, Speaker, Author, and Cancer Survivor and is known as “The International Happiness Princess.”  For more, visit:  www.EverythingHappiness.com

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