Back By Popular Demand

In the “Wow.  She finally did it” category. (Drum-roll please).  Back by popular demand:  HAPPY THOUGHTS & MORE.  I actually started sending out our Happy Thoughts Newsletters eons ago (before Facebook, even) and they just “took off.”  As people kept signing up and forwarding the emails to all of their family and friends, our International Happiness Network expanded to all 7 continents in more than 70 countries and counting.  In fact, we grew so fast it was hard keeping up with the overwhelming response.

So, I actually put this part of my dream on hold.  Have you ever done that?  Gone after something you were so excited about, then let life get in the way.  Nevertheless your dream is still stirring inside.

Now……WE’RE BACK & EVEN BETTER!  So look forward to lots of Happy News, Motivation, Tips, Quotes, Videos & MORE.  Here’s the link to the latest issue:

happy thoughts logo

and, Click here to SIGN UP to get your very own Happy Thoughts & More.

We also send out short daily Thoughts on Facebook & Twitter.  Gotta keep the Happiness going, right?  Right!   Let’s talk again soon. – Lauren

Lauren Hudson is a Reporter, Speaker, and Author and is known as “The International Happiness Princess.”  For more, visit:



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