Not Scared at All

Life, I am not scared of you.
LIFE woman arms out at ocean rock to left

You may have knocked me down a time or two
But, I have my hopes to live up to.
No.  Life, I’m not scared of you.

Yes.  The tide has turned.  I have turned this tide.
Gone are the days when I run and hide

Or fear and doubt, or
Wallow and pout, or kick and scream.
My dream is now my destination and with determination
Behold the amazing new me in the making.

smooth sailing

Thank you, she said with great gratitude
For this empoweringly positive attitude
Grown in strength from storms.woman_in_water_under_sun1

 Going forward, now.  Time to move.  Got my groove.

And, no matter what you’ve got,

doesn’t matter cause…


*Copyright Lch 2013



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