Day 3

black gym shoes day 3 blog post
Have you started yet?  I have.  Yes, those are my gym shoes and I’m lacing up for Day 3 (in a row) of hitting the gym. So proud of me!   It’s not necessarily a new year’s resolution.  I get in and out of this habit it seems like every few months.  But this time…….. (famous last words, huh?).   But really, this time I’m “following the rules” (at least some of them) to actually make this habit stick a little better.
1. Decide a Goal
    Most of us usually say we want to get “in shape.”  This time there’s a picture on the wall in the gym of a seriously fit (though seriously younger) woman in a bikini.  I’m going for that; at least my version of that.
2. Set a Deadline
     I don’t want to turn this into too much pressure.  So, I’m going for the “slow but steady wins the race but still give it a good hard” try philosophy.  I’m shooting for summer. But, I’m pretty confident I’ll hit it before then. (Pressure enough to let it still be fun).
3.  Make a Plan
     My plan is a minimum 4 times a week, with some weeks doing even more.  But, I’m also thinking of adding a quick 10 minutes of something every morning (stretching, floor, or weights) so that no matter what, I will have done some sort of body booster each day.
It feels doable, and that’s what’s important.  Also, I mark my calendar every time I exercise and eat especially healthy.  It’s a great feeling seeing your accomplishments.
calendar 2 checks blog post
4.  Tell Others
I’m obviously doing that, which is rare for me.  I usually don’t share goals while I’m working on them, in case I don’t complete them.  I’m pretending to be courageous and it’s working.(smile).
5.  Give Yourself a Reward
Yes, following a goal and getting in shape could be reward enough…..HOWEVER…I’m setting up different rewards every other week as added incentive; like a fun lipstick or nail polish, maybe a small plant.  Half the fun will be thinking up rewards.
Now I’m off to the gym.  And no, I’m not talking a triathlon workout.  But, I’ll put in a decent hour (or so) of something. Are you with me?
Lauren Hudson is a Reporter, Speaker, and Author and is known as “The International Happiness Princess.”  For more, visit:



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