Happiness is Like the Sunshine

Happiness is like the sunshine; sometimes you forget how wonderful it is until it goes away.  It has been totally dreary looking outside for the past few days; downright rainy.  It got to the point that the grey skies seemed “normal.”  But just now there was a peak of sun through the window blinds (which I opened this morning just in case).  At first I thought, “What’s this?”  Then it hit me, “Duh” it’s the sun.  Wow.  Instantaneously my spirits picked up.  And, they weren’t even that low.  There’s just something about the sun that truly does brighten your day.sun through trees

It’s just a reminder of what so many studies have told us.  Especially during the winter when we have fewer overall sunlight hours, it’s so important that we get out there and get some sunshine.  Leave your house, your office.  Step outside.  Savor the sun all you can before it goes away again.  (I went to find my camera to take a picture and just that quick the sun was gone again).  Oh, well.  It was fun while it lasted!

Lauren Hudson is a Reporter, Speaker, and Author and is known as “The International Happiness Princess.”  For more, visit:  www.EverythingHappiness.com



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