Moment of Silence

moment_of_silenceWhat if we as a world set aside a “Moment of Silence” every week to pray for peace?  Did you stop with the rest of the U.S. this morning to honor the Connecticut school shooting victims.  As the bells tolled for each the 26 killed; the 18 little children and 8 adults, I felt stronger and more determined to spread peace and Happiness worldwide.  You too?

It was such a tremendous feeling I started to Imagine how powerful it would be if we did this collectively, every week, even once a month.  We don’t have to wait for another tragedy.  If anything, let this tragedy truly help propel us to pray for peace.  Imagine the power of that collective focus.  IMAGINE (as Paul McCartney says).  Just Imagine.

Lauren Hudson is a Reporter, Speaker and Author, known as “The Happiness Princess.”   For more, visit:

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