Your Lucky Day

WebImg_12_12_12_Want 12-12-12 to be extra lucky?  This is the last time in our lifetime that we will have 3 same numbers in the date.  Thousands of people are using this as a lucky wedding date; others are holding special parties.  Yet for me, most of today seemed just like any other day; nothing particularly special.

I’m not sure if I was expecting Publisher’s Clearing House to ring my door bell with a million dollar prize, or to get an amazingly wonderful phone call, or what.  But, nothing was happening.  Until . . . I made that all important decision.  I decided that today is my lucky day; the first day of the rest of my life; the beginning of my new beginning.   Just making that decision, I’m re-invigorated.  Now, imagine making that decision every day.  Saying to ourselves, “Today is my lucky day.”  Wouldn’t that be a great way to re-invigorate ourselves each day?!

Lauren Hudson is a Reporter, Speaker and Author, known as “The Happiness Princess.”   For more, visit:


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