Cranberries and Comfort Zones

“What in the world do cranberries have to do with comfort zones?” you may ask. Well, let me ask you a question.  When you go to one of your favorite restaurants, do you tend to choose the same thing every time?  Me too!  I know lots of people who do that.  Whenever I go to Panera Bread,  I always get their “Smokehouse Turkey” panini sandwich.  ALWAYS!  Well, at least I used to.

What happened was……..I got the taste for my fave “Smokehouse Turkey,” and drove to Panera all excited about biting into that wonderful warm cheesy sandwich when something else on the menu caught my eye.  How does this sound, a “Roasted Turkey and Cranberry” panini?  Just the thought of it had my taste buds dancing.  (Oh, I have to also mention that it comes with garlic herb cheese and spinach). I was intrigued.  But, could I possibly be unfaithful to my favorite?  Would I dare venture outside of my comfort zone and order something different and new?  image

((((Please excuse the half-eaten sandwich, but it was hard to stop eating it long enough to take this picture.))))

As you can see, after years of ordering the same thing all the time, I was finally enticed to make a change.  Oh yes!  Change can be so delicious.  And, it got me to thinking that If we won’t at least even occasionally get out of our comfort zones to do something as simple as ordering different food, then it might be a sign that we are losing our sense of adventure in life.  One simple change and my sense of adventure is recharged.  Watch out, world!

OK, so I dare you; the next time you’re in one of your favorite restaurants, get out of your comfort zone and try something new.  Oh, come on, you can do it, be adventurous!  It could be just the little shake up you need.

Lauren Hudson is a Reporter, Speaker and Author, known as “The Happiness Princess.”   For more, visit:


3 thoughts on “Cranberries and Comfort Zones

  1. Get out of your comfort zone often leads to really delightful things – like that sandwich you chose! Maybe we need to have a national Get Out of Your Comfort Zone day like we celebrate Mothers Day or Valentines Day. Hallmark would be all over the idea!

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