A Happy Holiday Challenge

                   O.K.  So, who doesn’t love a good deal?  But, this holiday shopping madness has got to stop.  Call it “Black-Friday,” “Cyber-Monday,” or “Super-deal Sunday;” why should we get all geeked-up with every single deal that comes our way, or every tantalizing commercial we watch?  It seems to be all about these“good buys.”  But, if we don’t watch it, we can kiss our money good-bye!  And, that doesn’t make for a very Happy holiday.  

          Here’s a way to have fun shopping.  Challenge yourself to spend as little as possible this holiday season.  Set a small ($10 or $20) gift limit with family and friends.  When my family started doing this, I was amazed by the thoughtful and creative presents I got.  I actually love a good spoon holder.  Who can’t use some potpourri or candles?  And yes, there are some paperweights or other “chotskies” knick-knacks that are kind of cute to put on your desk, coffee table, or nightstand.  They’re so many little things we often enjoy but don’t buy for ourselves.  Plus, people really seem to spend that much more time thinking through which gifts to buy.  Besides, no one has to feel bad about how much money they spent.

 Make a discount store (like a “dollar store”) a primary destination for holiday shopping.  You can get some colorful kitchen towels and utensils and tie them with some ribbon.  How about a new coffee mug with some packs of fancy coffees or teas?   Who wouldn’t love a nice stash of popcorn?  And what kid doesn’t enjoy some extra coloring books crayons?  Plus, the things I’ve gotten as gifts at the craft store, I have liked so much that I have bought an extra one or two for myself.  It’s all about where, how, and why you shop. Happy Shopping!

Lauren Hudson is a Reporter, Speaker and Author, known as “The Happiness Princess.   For more, visit:  www.EverythingHappiness.com



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