How LL Cool J Created His Happy World

You know how when your birthday rolls around, and you start doing this self-evaluation / look back / look ahead thing?  One thing I’m putting into action is my new house;  part of my ever- expanding Happy World.

To do this, I’m using a wonderful secret I learned from none other than LL Cool.  The first time I interviewed LL, he was transitioning from rapper to movie star.  The second time, he was becoming a TV Star too.  So, I asked him, if when he was a young boy, did he ever imagine such success.  And interestingly, he said, Yes, he did!  By using what he calls his “third eye.”  Simply put: his imagination.

           He explained that when he was only about 10 years old, he imagined his success so vividly that he would look at a record album (remember those?) and picture people dancing to his music while he was on stage, and could hear the crowd cheering as he sang.  He went on to tell me that he also imagined himself walking thru his dream home, creating it as he went: a huge house decorated most in white, fabulously furnished, with vibrant paintings on the walls.  He would walk through every room living the details.  He said his imagination was so vivid, so real, that he could even smell the chicken cooking in the oven!  And, then he would mentally live in that world, bringing it to life.

Try creating your Happy World now; whatever it is.  Then, imagine it as though you are living that life now.  Quite honestly, I’ve tried this several times.  In fact, each time I want to move, I start picturing not just the things, but the feelings, and even the people that I want in my new house.  And, it works!   Can’t wait to tell you about my next new place!

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