When “Something” Tells You. . .

When you hear that little voice, that “something” that seems to tell you to do a certain thing, do you do it?  A few days ago, I was in the grocery store to pick up some salad fixings and other items. But, it wasn’t until I was driving home that I realized I must’ve gotten sidetracked, and I hadn’t picked up any lettuce, I remembered I had some in my fridge so I kept going home.  Nevertheless, when I opened my fridge, I discovered that the lettuce was spoiled!

Then, “something” said, “Go back out and get some lettuce.” I didn’t really want to, but, the voice seemed to insist. And, I did have a taste for salad.  So, I got in my car and decided to drive to a store I rarely go to, in order to get some gasoline along the way.

As soon as I arrived at the store, I grabbed the lettuce, and was ready to head to the cashier. But then, “something” told me to pick up some turkey at the deli counter. While I was waiting for my order to be filled, a woman came up next to me.  And, I was trying not to stare, but she looked familiar, like an old friend. After debating whether to approach her, I finally said, “You look like someone I know, where are you from?”  “New York,” she said. “I’m from Chicago,” I answered, a bit disappointed. Then she told me, “Oh, I have family in Chicago.  Their last name is Brown but you know there are a whole lot of Browns in the world,” My ears started perking up.  “My family name is Brown too!  Where does your family live?” I asked. I was getting excited.  And when she said “Drexel Square,” my mouth dropped. I knew.

   (My Grandmother, seated)

    Turns out her grandmother’s sister was my grandmother’s sister-in-law!  We were related!  But, we had never known each other because her family moved away when she was a baby. Can you imagine!? I actually met the long-lost cousin I never knew I had, while at the deli section of a grocery store.  And on top of that, we also discovered that we now live only 5 minutes away from each other!  Amazing, huh!?  You never know where life might lead you when you listen to that little “voice.”



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