Good Morning Happy

What time do you get up on a normal day? Image

Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour reportedly gets up at 5:45 every morning and plays tennis before work.  Apple CEO Tim Cook is known for sending emails at 4:30 am and hitting the gym by 5.  That’s about the time you’ll find First Lady Michelle Obama getting her workout in.  And Disney CEO Robert Iger does more before 9 am than many of us do all day.

So, this morning I decided to give this early rising thing a try; spurred by talking with my friend Phil, a financial adviser who tells me he rises by 4:30am reading the Wall Street Journal with his coffee.  Well, I didn’t make it quite that early;  but I was up and at ’em by 6 am with coffee and reading email, and getting my information ready for the day.  That’s about an hour earlier than usual.  And I have to admit, it feels good; especially to get things done and know that I still have so much more time in my day. I’m proud of myself and Happy.  I could possibly make this a habit.

Looks like those studies showing that early risers are Happier, might be right.  They say that people who get up early feel more productive and less stressed cause they get chores and all out of the way early.  So, want to give this early riser thing a try?  Researchers suggest, don’t necessarily do what I did, and try a full hour at first.  Instead, try getting up about 10 minutes earlier for a few days at a time.  If it’s a chance to reduce stress and boost your Happiness, it’s worth a shot, right?


  And, uh, hands off that snooze button!

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