Be Ye Resolved

A rather gentle-looking woman in a burnt-orange shirt and blue jeans reminded me today of the power of being resolved.

I was in line to vote.  The weather was hot and the line was long.  We had been snaking our way towards the front door just a few inches at a time for more than and hour and a half.  Some people had umbrellas to shadow the draining heat.  I finally took off my light jacket and began fanning myself with the sample ballot like some other people were doing.  Even when we were finally in the shade, there seemed to be only little relief.

Suddenly, she just collapsed.  The woman in the burnt-orange shirt and blue jeans fell to the ground just inches from where we were.  People motioned for help to the sheriff’s deputies. and by the time they arrived moments later, she was already starting to sit back up.  The deputies gave the woman water and sat with her until she was ready to stand, and walked her to sit inside election headquarters where it was cooler.

But get this.  The woman stayed to vote.  Even though her body had literally given out on her.  Even though she had a perfectly legitimate reason to leave, she stayed.  Just about 15 minutes later I saw her filling out her pre-voting form while sitting in that chair inside. She sat there with such resolve that she had come to vote, and vote she was going to do.

You know how sometimes we get it in our heads to do something, but let challenges turn us away.  Be ye resolved!


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