Adventures of The Traveler

Somewhere in time is a Traveler who –

is really much like me and you.

Walking through life – new adventures each day –

looking for Happiness along the way.


Our paths scattered with treasures of wisdom and joy  –

or pitfalls of problems that can often destroy.


Each step brings us closer –

or further from reach

from the lessons on living experience can teach.


Every moment a thread in life’s quilt to be sewn.

Every breeze a dream’s wing

on which hopes can be flown.


Come with me now and journey through time –

on the stairs towards tomorrow

destiny’s climb.


Discover the places

you’ve only imagined you’ve been.

Tap into the spirit living within.


Let’s begin now by keeping a few things in mind

like curiosity and respect for what we might find –

understanding and care for those we might meet –

and knowing each day is a heavenly treat..


Remember, this journey is uniquely your own –

but where ever you travel

you are never alone.




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