When was the last time, with ecstatic abandon, you let your joy overtake you not caring who was listening or watching,  and you unleashed your inner child, yelling at the top of your lungs……Wheeeeee!!?”

I’ll admit, I had a chance but blew it.  Twice!

I happened upon this Happy family sledding on the grass.  Yes, the grass.  (That’s what positive people do when there is no snow!)  They looked like they were having so much fun, that I took their picture.  But…..I never asked them if I could have a go at it.  Then a few weeks later, I went to the park with my 6 year old, and we saw another group of people grass sledding. I couldn’t let him miss this opportunity, so we asked if he could have a go at it.  And, look at the smile on his face!


While I was soooo Happy to watch his Happiness.   Still….I did not get on that sled myself!  Once again, missing out on what could be a personal signature Happy moment.  Here I am, The Princess of Happiness, and I missed out on a potentially Happy moment.

Let us never ever ever ever pass up an opportunity to be SILLY!  To approach life like little children.  We all know this but don’t always do it.  I told this story to my  new friend Becky, who is a major executive with a major corporation.  And, listen to this.  She told me she thinks nothing of lying on the grass, all by herself, in front of everyone, at one of the biggest parks in the city, and doing what she calls a “Log Roll” down the hill.  A grown woman!

 I hereby promise myself  to have more “Wheeeee” moments in my life.     How about you?


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