What’s Wrong with this Picture?

        Looking at this picture, you probably notice a few things.  Yes,the closet is kind of messy.  But, it is Spring cleaning time.  So, that’s the excuse there.  But if you look closely, you’ll find there is an AWFUL LOT OF BLACK in this picture.

         Do you know anyone like this?  Maybe it’s even you?  I know I’m not the only one who wears a lot of black.  But, every single outfit on this side of the closet is Black.  Oh, there might be a few embellishments, like silver sequins, but gee whiz!  And, the shoes in the container are, you can see it for yourself, mostly black shoes.  You’re right.  I could go to a funeral every day of the month and never wear the same thing twice!

        Some of my family and friends have been telling me for years, “You wear too much black.”  And have been begging me to, “Add some color, please!” Though, I always insisted that black is a great color.  And, it is “slimming.”    Some even believe that black clothing is “classy,”  and “shows authority.” Besides,  I honestly believe it does look good on me!

         So, what’s “Wrong” with this picture?  Nothing, really.  But, looking at it is a reminder that too much of the same thing can seem kind of dull.   Don’t you think?  Just to shake things up, I’m going to start to “color” my world a bit more.  Stay tuned.


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