Doggone Good Love

Whether you are a Cat Lover

Or, a Dog Lover….

… here’s yet another reason to love your pets. 

The University of New York studied 240 married couples.  Half of them, who were pet owners, underwent some stressful tasks like doing math problems or holding their hand in ice-cold water for a few minutes.  Those who had their pets nearby actually had lower blood pressure and heart rates, and had fewer errors on their math problems.  Not that most of us put our hands in ice water, or do math problems every day, but life can get stressful at times.  Right?  Woof!  Woof!  Meow!

Which makes me think that…. I guess I won’t really mind spending nearly $2.00 / week on  this “Temptations” cat snack for Jazz.  He loves them!  When I want him to come downstairs, all I have to do is shake the bag,  and Jazz comes bolting downstairs like they were Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies! (My favorites)!

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