Creating A New You!

There is no reason for us to feel defined or confined by the type of person we have always been.  Just because we may have always been a certain way, or acted that way, doesn’t mean we have to be that way forever.  If you’ve never been very organized, or very outgoing, it doesn’t mean that you are destined or doomed to never changing.  With a happiness mind-set, we are more likely to experiment with different ways to change and improve.

Envision yourself as the author of a book about your life and create the character you want to be:  outgoing; studious; athletic; stylish; humorous; hard-working; thoughtful.  You decide.  We have the power to reinvent ourselves whenever we want.

We often see this with celebrities who might change their look or even make career changes to adapt to changing times or simply to try something new.  Why not put your energy where you can make the greatest difference?  Change yourself.  It makes life that much more fun!

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