Eat Spinach and Smile?

              Growing up, we were always told to eat our spinach; that it would make us big and strong.  And, some of us might have grumbled and growled at the thought.  But, little did we realize at the time that the spinach could ultimately help make us Happy.

Nutritionists say that the magnesium found in spinach and some other food items, helps regulate stress hormones which can become depleted when the body experiences chronic stress.  Low levels of magnesium may cause headaches and fatigue, two common symptoms of stress.

Eating foods rich in magnesium, such as spinach, salmon, black beans and navy beans, can help replenish lost magnesium and ease the side effects of stress.    Hmmm.  How about a delicious piece of salmon with black beans and spinach on the side?  Yum!!!


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