Laughing Out-loud

Laughing out-loud!  Out-loud!  I have been laughing out-loud at least 5 times in the past 5 minutes!  It’s the greatest feeling!  Isn’t it?  When you laugh out loud you feel so LIBERATED don’t you?  Gotta do it far more often!  We all must!  What has me laughing?

Have you ever watched “The Middle?”  The writing is amazing.  It’s all dead pan situation comedy that aims for at least a laugh a minute.  Each cast member bites away at whatever exterior shield to funny that might have been built up in your life over the last few days / weeks / years.  Give it a chance – watch at least a full episode and you will get to know the core of each character – off of which the laughter is based.  Kind of like Frasier or Living Single.

Schedule more funny into your life – and I promise you…….it will really leave you even better.

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