Try This Resolution First

Still deciding your New Year’s resolutions?   Try this one first:

One of the most important resolutions you can make for a Happy New Year:  BE OPTIMISTIC.  Studies show that optimists do better in school, at work, on the playing field, are generally healthier, have stronger friendships and are more satisfied overall with their lives.  And, when they run for office, optimists are more likely to be elected than pessimists.

Now, I haven’t run for office since I was school Treasurer in high school, but I was, in fact, optimistic then and now.  Even when starting a project, or getting tests at the doctor, I do not allow pessimistic thoughts stay in mind too long at all.  Gotta look on the bright side of everything.  That’s what helps keep us going.  And, even when I get “bad news” I am optimistic that things will somehow work out.

           So, whatever your plans, as you look to the year ahead, resolve to be more optimistic about your future; that good things will happen and that it will be a great year.  Because when we are optimistic there’s a much better chance they will be.  And that, my friends, I believe is a great place to start.

Be Happy – Lauren


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