Happy Holiday Tip #4

            Happy Holiday Tip #4:  FOLLOW THE CROWD:   Quite honestly, gifts are not my favorite part of the holidays.  It’s the people.  After all, studies show that socializing is one of the top ways to get happy.  That can be a challenge for the 1 in 4 people who live alone.  But, there is not reason to spend most of your time by yourself this holiday.  There’s so much going on, and lots of good people to be around even if they are “strangers.

Challenge yourself to find a holiday activity you’ve never tried.  There are many ways to discover the happenings by looking in community newspapers or on-line.  See what local churches or organizations are planning.  It might be a choir concert, play, decoration display, or a great opportunity to do some meaningful volunteering.  You can also ask friends, colleagues, neighbors, even local store owners what’s going on and what they’re doing.  You might get some interesting ideas.  Then, make sure you attend at least one holiday event or gathering to help enjoy the spirit of the season.  There’s a real good chance you’ll be glad you did.

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