Happy Holiday Tip #3


            HAPPY HOLIDAY TIP #3 – KISS – KISS – KISS:   I was in the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving and my mind just started spinning.  I was thinking about all of the things I wanted to buy for the big meal I planned to cook – then I was trying to decide how I was going to spend the day – then I thought about having to clean my house – then I started to think about work – whew!   I felt myself getting stressed out and overwhelmed.  The pressure of the holidays was building up already!

I’m glad I caught it early and remembered one of the most important Happy Holiday secrets…..“Keep It Simple Sweetie.”  In short, “KISS.” Keep your holidays as simple as possible to avoid being overwhelmed.  If your ‘to-do’ list is longer than your budget or time, then cut it in half.   Or, decide the top five things you would like to see happen for a happy holiday.  After that, everything else is extra.  Remember to Pace yourself, Prioritize, and have Peace in everything you do.  As for me, I narrowed down the number of dishes that I was going to cook and delegated some of the cooking duties to others.  And no, I did not clean as thoroughly as I could have.  Aaaaah!  It worked.  Being stressed out or unhappy is not the holiday memory I want to have.  KISS KISS!

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