Happy Holiday Tip #2

            HAPPY HOLIDAY TIP # 2:  Be Creatively Cheap:  The holidays seem to be the season for spending.  Though, many of us tend to go way overboard when it comes to shopping.  And, no amount of shopping is worth the agony of knowing you have spent too much money.  But, there are ways to shop without “shopper’s remorse.”

Try being what I call “creatively cheap.”  Challenge yourself to find the BEST / CHEAPEST gift you can.  What if you make a discount store, like your local “Dollar Store” a primary destination for holiday shopping?   I guess my secret is out -because I love finding deals at the dollar store.  It can be a great place for kitchen towel sets, coffee cups, or bath gels.  Scented candles and potpourri can be fine gifts for some people.

Set a small ($10 or $20) gift limit with family and friends.  We did this one year and got some memorable gifts. I will never forget the green and red candles and gingerbread house candleholder my son bought me.  And, the CD rack my daughter gave me.  My toddler loved the snow globe I got him for just a dollar.  This year one of the gifts I’m giving are these wooden animals I found during the year and just know they will love.  I save money – they get a great gift.  To me, that makes for HAPPY SHOPPING!  For more, visit:   www.LaurenHudson.com


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