Everyday Better

             I believe that at least half the people you see at a party, meeting or other gathering – or even on TV do not have total self-confidence.  Many are at least as nervous as we might be about how they look or sound.  I once hosted an even for a major retail chain, and the owner was so nervous, she called me up from the side and had me stand next to her, holding her hand as she talked (to just a handful of people!)

By one definition, confidence is an unshakeable belief in ourselves, and support of ourselves no matter what.  Sure, some of us have been in some pretty tough situations.  And, there are times we might not like what we’ve done (and for some of us there have been quite a few times), but that does not determined who we are or can be.


As legend tells it, Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe decided that everyday she was going to do something to improve herself – to better herself – to advance.  Isn’t that a powerful plan?  To commit to bettering ourselves every day, whether it’s working on a personality trait; reading more articles; going to the gym; or taking a class, we can’t lose when we work to enhance and enrich ourselves.  The more we improve, develop and grow, the less it matters who we have been and what we have done in the past and the more it matters who we are and who we are becoming!  Meantime, I’m Learning as I go – Lauren.


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